Student Cellos

Student Cellos 

£2000 - £3000

Jay Haide Superior Student Cello

Jay Haide Superior level cello finished in oil varnish with a shaded pattern. Full EGV set up with carbon spike, rosewood pegs, Wittner adjustable tailpiece, professional bridge and Jarger strings.    

In stock and available to try now.
£1000 - £2000

Concertante Intermediate Student Cello

Intermediate full size cello. This cello has been up graded from factory set up. It has a refined fingerboard, ebony pegs, newly carved Despiau bridge, post and Larsen Crown strings.
£1000 - £1500

Primavera Series Beginner Student Cellos

The Primavera comes in a series of levels for the beginner level of cellist. Varying from plain to antiqued finish and with differing grades of hardware. 
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