Tonal Adjustments

Tonal Adjustments

Sound adjustment to Violin, Viola, Cello & Baroque Instruments for Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas.

The sound can be greatly changed with the sound post length, thickness, density and position as can the thickness and cut of the bridge. The bridge pivots over the sound post and twists at high speed as the strings oscillate. Having the bridge trimmed in the correct places can be the difference in a muted slow nasal performing instrument and a clear, loud and immediate sound.

Bridge Maintainance
Over time the violin bridge may become distorted. This happens due to tuning and the bridge sometimes lacking in strength. As the strings come to pitch from tuning either from the peg side or tailpiece (if fine tuners are are fitted), this pulls the bridge. Tuned enough times and you will notice the feet lift away from the front on one side. To solve this problem, release the strings slightly and wiggle the top of the bridge in the direction required to sit the feet down again, then tune the strings.

Consider changing your bridge if;
The bridge is very warped
String height is reduced 
Poor cut , not delivering a quality performance
Strings have cut deeply into the top
Its broken
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