New Violas

I make new handmade Violas of all sizes for violists looking to buy into individuality & quality. I make several models based on Andrea Guarneri, Brothers Amati and Guadanini. 

I usually have a few violas of various sizes in stock but if you are looking for something different, I welcome players to commission a new instrument. 

Violas are a very individual instrument. I make them in a variety of sizes from 15 3/4" upwards to 17" comfortable for players of most adult heights.

My handmade violas available to purchase now

Brothers Amati 15 3/4” antiqued
Brothers Amati 15 3/4” Contemporary finish.
Andrea Guarneri 1676 model 16 3/8”

If you are having trouble finding a viola I could make one for you on commission. Get in contact to discuss further.

Student Level Violas

I sell Chinese student level Violas to players upto about level 7 before one of my handmade instruments should be considered. They vary in quality and price which means there is always something to suit everyone. I have found that Poplar back violas are good for smaller violas and would recommend Jay Haide for intermediate level. 

Pleaseemailme for further details.

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Customer review by Francis Vaughan 

My daughter needed a professional viola. Edward sourced a beautiful instrument that he then setup in his workshop with top quality components. I would recommend his services to any string players.

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