Antique Instruments

Antique Instruments 

Old Violins, Violas & Cellos for sale in Bristol.

I sell antique instruments of the violin family. Only when the instrument has been meticulously checked over and any work required has been completed, is it allowed to go out on approval.

When the instrument is ready to be played it will have;
A correctly planed fingerboard
A new sound post
A new bridge
A correctly fitting set of tuning pegs
The correct sting clearance at the nut and the end of the fingerboard
No open cracks or seems
Call now on 01173 079785 or email me now for further information.
Below are some of my Antique instruments
Violins under £10000
A violin by Charles Samuel Thompson c.1780, labelled.
Front of Charles Samuel Thompson old English violin
back of Charles Samuel Thompson, old English violin
Scroll of old English violin by Charles Samuel Thompson
Head of old English violin Charles Samuel Thompson
Violins under £5000

Good quality antique violin by Francois Caussin made in the mid 19th Century
front of Francois Caussin, French violin
Back of Francois Caussin, old French Violin
Scroll of a Francois Caussin, old French violin
Head of a Francois Caussin, antique French Violin

German Violin early 20th C. Copy of the French maker Vuillaume. Clean original condition with no previous damage.
Copy Vuillaume violin frontCopy Vuillaume violin back

Early 20th C. Saxon Violin. Unlabeled. Very clean original condition with no previous damage.
Saxon violin frontSaxon violin back

Early 20th C German Violin labeled but only to say its a Strad pattern made in Germany. Very clean undamaged instrument.
German Strad pattern violin frontGerman Strad pattern violin back

Early 20th C. German violin. Unlabeled but in lovely original condition, no previous damage.
German violin frontGerman violin back

3/4 size German trade violin

Picture coming soon.


Please contact me for more information regarding violas and your requirements.

Antique Cellos

German trade cello front C.1900German trade cello back C.1900German trade cello scroll C.1900German trade cello pegbox C.1900
German trade cello with a few repaired cracks and a new set up and strings. In very good condition and ready for trial. £6500

Call Edward Gaut Violins on 01173 079785 oremailme now to arrange an appointment or for further information.

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