Student Instruments

Student instruments

Whether you are preparing yourself to play for the first time or are currently working your way up through the grades, the chances are you will be playing a Chinese made violin. (If you don’t want a new Chinese violin please look at my Antique Violins page.) 

Thinking you can buy off online auction sites for the cheapest instrument you can be a false economy. Unfortunately there is no guarantee the instruments have been correctly set up which could render them very difficult to play thus the player loosing enthusiasm to continue.

All the instruments I sell have correctly fitting pegs, a fine tuning tailpiece, correctly fitted and positioned soundpost and bridge, a smooth fingerboard, the correct string height at the bridge and importantly the nut.
Instrument brands of violins, violas and cellos in student levels are Primavera, Eastman, Hidersine, Heritage, Stentor and Jay Haide. They are all available upon request. Please call or email to enquire on prices and lead times.

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