by edwardgaut 28 Sep, 2017
Competition for young musicians in the Southwest - UK to enter for the chance to win £300 and receive individual masterclasses.
Open to Violinist, Violists, Cellists and others.

Need a new violin, viola or cello for the performance or to get your bow rehaired

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by edwardgaut 08 Sep, 2017
This cello repair involved resetting the neck but also a new fingerboard. Fingerboards can sometimes come unglued if the instrument has been store for a long period in less than ideal circumstances. As you can see in the picture there is cross hatching which helps add bite for the glue and hopefully keep that fingerboard in place!

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by edwardgaut 05 Sep, 2017
This violin bow came into the workshop and was unable to increase its tension upon the hair for playing. It's a fairly common problem and relatively easy repair. 

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